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Rejected PPI Claim?

Didn't Get A FULL PPI Payout?

New Legal Ruling (Plevin) Means You Can Get All Your PPI Back - Even If You Were Unsuccessful In The Past

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Why Can I Claim More PPI Money?

Due to a new legal ruling called Plevin, the courts have decided that if your bank or lender did not disclose the commission, they received for the sale of the PPI to you, then this could be viewed as an unfair relationship. The upshot is that ALL of the PPI could be returned to you with additional interest if the bank or lender did not tell you about the commission they received.

What does this mean to you if you have already received a ‘Plevin’ payment from your bank or lender?

If you received a ‘Plevin’ payment from your bank or lender for a PPI claim filed before the PPI deadline, you could have been massively underpaid.

In fact you may have received only around 20% of what you are actually owed.

With a little legal pressure, we can increase your PPI payment by up to 4 or 5 times as much without any risk to you or the money you have already received.

If YOU received a Plevin offer from your bank or lender and would like to claim for MUCH more, complete the form above for further information.

What does this mean to you if your claim was previously rejected by your bank or lender?

If your PPI claim was rejected before 1st of July 2017, your bank or lender would not have considered the Plevin ruling. In many cases you PPI claim can be overturned if you were not made aware of the commission your bank received for the sale of PPI.

If YOUR PPI claim was rejected by your bank or lender before 1st of July 2017 and would like to overturn the decision for a full PPI payout, complete the form above for further information.

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The leading law firm specialising in Plevin Claims 100% success rate on all Plevin Claims PPI offers increased by up to 500% No paperwork needed – Plevin Specialists
OTHER INFORMATION: We can claim back your PPI after the deadline using the new Plevin legal ruling - 100% No Win No Fee.

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